Fertilising Indoor Plants - Too much of a good thing?

Have you ever had an indoor plant that suddenly looks sick after months of great care? You’ve treated it like a queen, yet you’re finding burnt tips, curled lower leaves, brown spots, distorted growth… the list of symptoms goes on. It’s hard to figure out where you went wrong. ⁠

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a problem.⁠

My health-conscious friend once drank so much carrot juice that her hands and feet turned orange. It got awkward when another friend hinted, “you know, you should always wash your hands right after applying fake tan”. She sheepishly thanked her friend for the advice, failing to admit that she was secretly addicted to carrot juice.⁠

Her temporary orange skin condition was called ‘Carotenemia’ - a benign discolouration caused by excess beta-carotene in our bodies.⁠

Plants actually aren’t so different from humans and can also experience issues with excess nutrients. A potted houseplant can accumulate so many excess minerals from fertilisers that it is weakened or even killed over time. Just when you thought you were doing everything right!⁠

The solution is a varied diet. Rather than force-feeding your plants the same nutrients year-round, The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food ensures variety with four distinct seasonal blends. Your plants receive nutritionally advanced ‘meals’ throughout the year that change with the seasons. This means there’s less chance of mineral buildup and allows specialised care during the cooler Autumn and Winter months.⁠

The result? Happy and healthy houseplants that are more resilient to disease and exploding in new leaves – making us proud plant parents 💚⁠